Sunday, 1 May 2011

beautiful ivory wedding dress with veil and tiara

1 beautiful ivory wedding dress with long train plus long ivory veil and a gold tiara with little pearls and diamond stones all in vgc plus 1 pair of ivory wedding shoes size 4 if they any good for anyone if dress is bought i wont charge for the shoes ,i have the dress and veil stored in a airtight clothes bag so nothing can get in the condition of the dress and veil is like the first time i bought it i had the dress made in hongkong from a wedding dress company and on my wedding day i felt like a real princess .
If the person buys it what they need to do is undo the seal on bag then hang dress on a coathanger to let it fall down and what i used to get it perfect with no creases was use a steamer on it either a steam iron just pointing at it or you can get a cheap steamer which they sell on ebay and use that , also my bouquet was made by myself plus i did all my bridesmaids buttonholes if anyone is interested in wanting a silkflower bouquet done plus drop me a line at  many thanks suz

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